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At Rapsodoo we create products and services to enrich the Odoo offer and provide 
our customers with solutions for the future of their business.

Thanks to in-depth knowledge of the Odoo framework and our partnership with the Hoverture Group (link), we have developed a series of solutions to extend the technological capabilities of Odoo:

Configurable API (RIP)
With the help of this suite of modules it will be possible to expose REST APIs via interface. No need to develop a single line of code. Through an administrative panel you will be able to define the templates and fields to be exposed via API and with which HTTP method (POST, PUT, GET, CANCEL).

Odoo Cloud Orchestration
We have developed a Kubernates-based orchestrator to create and administer Odoo environments via interface. Integrated with an internal CMBD in Odoo, it is possible to manage the lifecycle of each environment, manage its backups, notifications, and integration based on ITIL best practices.

Our Business Process Management suite consists of two modules:

An internal BPM in Odoo allows to design processes in BPMNv2 language and ensures their execution through integration with different BPM software (ex. ProcessMaker). The module enables the creation of automatic wizard forms based on Odoo's dynamic templates and manages different cases automatically. A dashboard and internal BI will enable process performance analysis and understand bottlenecks and flows.

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Our Business Process Orchestrator is a tool external to Odoo that makes it possible to manage massive and long running transactions, control each individual custom workflow, and build tailor-made solutions for each business requirement.

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Our Building Management suite is divided into two modules for Frontend and Backend: 

Coworking Experience
A suite of Odoo modules allows the management of buildings, floors, and workspaces. Through the integration with WebPinMap you can manage floor plans and interact with them dynamically. The solution questionnaires linked to specific workspaces in order to implement Activity Based Workplaces. The solution is integrated with the Equipment app so that maintenance requests can be managed directly from Odoo as well. 

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Mobile Co-working Experience
Thanks to the mobile frontend (compatible with Android and iPhone), you can book workspaces previously configured in the Backend, interact with your reservations, check in through QR Codes, and more.
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 ACCOUNTING ( Odoo Localization Solution & Expert)

Italian Localization

We have extended the basic localization of Odoo to handle all accounting needs of an Italian company:

• Electronic Invoicing, SDI Communications Management 
• Intra & Extra Cee Purchases/Sales, Intrastat and Esterometro
• Customer/Supplier Schedule Monitoring
• Guided Reconciliations
• Config. Advanced Payment Terms (with multiple dates)
• VAT, Withholding & Other
• Config. Custom Taxes
• Withholding Management
• Letters of Intent
• Receipts Management
• Split Payment
• Printouts and Extractions

Thanks to our experts, we are also capable of managing multi-company environments with different European and International locations.

Satisfy every business need and simplify processes, boosting sales and customer relationships with an all-in-one solution. Our Omnichannel Sales Suite is composed of 3 different platforms that can all be managed separately:

CPQ Platform

Our comprehensive solution allows you to overcome any hurdle other CPQs may be limited by and gives you the freedom to customize the perfect solution for your needs. The CPQ Platform helps you boost your core business while being easily integrated with any CRM. Thanks to its 100% API-First structure and its different microservices, our CPQ is resilient and allows you to easily add, remove, or upgrade specific services without impacting the rest of the solution.

Commerce Platform

Today, it is becoming increasingly important to create a personalized and targeted experience. Thanks to the modularity of our suite, you can choose to implement the COMMERCE module, a platform configurable according to the latest design trends and fully compatible with our other solutions. The platform will allow you to manage your sales or those of your customers by adapting perfectly to your type of business and creating fully personalized e-commerce!

Engage Platform
Increase customer lifetime value with our interactive engagement platform. Leverage the flexible omnichannel solution to engage and build loyalty with your customers on every device and touchpoint. The platform can be used fully integrated in the entire suite or as a modular component. Creating a personal and increasingly strong relationship between brand and customer has never been easier!

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