Odoo integrates an inventory management and manufacturing resource planning (MRP) module, enabling the management of inventory and transfers, configuration of advanced routing, and automatic replenishment.

Odoo gives you a clear view of inventory, lead times, and stock levels for optimal inventory and production management. 

Why choose ODOO?

Along with inventory management, Odoo's MRP module allows you to plan and manage the resources needed for production, such as materials, equipment, and manpower.

Transparent cost management
Odoo offers comprehensive production cost management, enabling you to monitor the costs of materials, resources, and equipment. You can compare actual costs with planned costs, analyze variances, and generate detailed reports to improve the efficiency and profitability of your production.

Easy communication with suppliers
You can communicate directly with suppliers or subcontractors, coordinate orders, monitor inventory, and ensure accurate planning. Odoo provides a complete view of inventory, enabling efficient management.

Easily integrated with the system
Odoo's Inventory and MRP modules are fully integrated with each other and with other system applications, accelerating and simplifying many business flows.

Automated restocking
Odoo's Inventory and MRP modules allow you to automate the purchasing and production processes through specific rules based on minimum product inventory and production schedules.

Dedicated for your business 

Inventory & MRP

Dedicated applications for inventory management, replenishment, tracking, and stock movements, through to production order..

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