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How can I configure an Eclipse environment from scratch?

Fella Davide
  1. Download Eclipse from official website (For Java developer) -

  2. Install PyDev (Help --> Install new software -->

  3. Clone your local branch you want to work on (with git bash or with git eclipse plugin) 

  4. Import the project (che the configuration file) 

  5. Set the python interpreter 

  6. Set the project as "PyDev" project (Right click --> Set as PyDev) 

  7. Create debug configuration

    1. Arguments (--config=path to your configuration file --update= The application you want to work on)

    2. Main

    3. Interpreter

  8. Create database user on Postgres (if necessary)

  9.  Start the application 

  10. Import the database: 

    1. http://localhost:8070/web/database/managerhttp://localhost:8070/web/database/manager