All the applications for your service company

Whatever service you offer, the Odoo applications will help you to plan activities, manage process, manage your employees and collaborators, manage invoicing and accounting, provide your clients with an accurate and punctual costumers care.

Managing the invoicing of your association has never been so easy. The app allows you to manage invoices in a simple and instant way.

The app helps you bring your ideas to life organizing the activities and the work of the team. You will always have the progress of your projects under control to conclude it at best.

The app allows your employees to update their timesheet from any device. You can have an overview of worked hours and of the time spent on every activity.

The final users of your service can easily send assistance requests that the app collects and categorizes. You will be able to satisfy all requests and maintain a high quality standard of your assistance service.


The Business Process Manager application allows you to define the characteristics of your processes to assign activities and responsibilities and to verify progress.

Whatever search you will need to do to enrich your stuff will be easier thanks to this app. You can design the selection process, keep the candidates and the selections stages in order.