All the applications to manage your association

An association of any kind surely needs to manage inscriptions, to collect the associative fees in due dates, to organize events to promote the activities, to archive documents and publications and to keep the accounts in order.

This is a package of Odoo applications based on the experience of one of our clients.

The app helps you to organize all the events of your association. Manage participants, speakers, logistics and documents in a moment.

The App allows you to manage inscriptions, to check associative fees, to receive deadline alerts.  

The App allows you to create a Call for Abstract and to collect the most interesting works to present during your events.

Managing the invoicing of your association has never been so easy. The app allows you to manage invoices in a simple and instant way.

The application allows you to create easily your association’s website. Themes and modules will help you create your showcase in a moment!


The application helps you to create and administer questionnaires to assign CME credits for the healthcare professionals.