“I wanted to change the world… you know what it is like when you are young and naive. 
My dream was to create a company leader in management system sector with a completely open source software!"

From the dream of its founder, Fabien Pinckaers, in 2006 Odoo was born, initially known as TinyERP, a small start-up that had the ambition to create a simple, intuitive and open source software with a set of Apps easy to use.

The App packages represent a set of useful tools to satisfy all kind of needs, from the smallest to the bigger. 

Odoo has developed 30 main applications continuously updated in association with other 16.000 applications created by an enthusiastic community of developers counting more than 1500 people. 

Odoo is the most installed managing system in the world.


  • Long term vision
  • Offer a perfect user experience at every step
  • Develop less, but quickly and with higher quality
  • Select, train and do everything to retain great people
  • Push the collaborators to be innovative, to evolve and not be afraid of make mistakes to make them and the company grow
  • Don’t make simple things complicated.
    Complicating is very easy, Making simple it is not,
  • High value to autonomy and freedom of action

cosa fa Rapsodoo


Rapsodoo helps you to implement odoo according to your needs. Our  phylosophy to software implementation perfectly follows the innovative idea behind Odoo.


We listen to your needs and help you to choose  the applications package perfect for your company and to understand if you need new features that we will implement for you.


You will never be alone. We will help you at any time to solve any kind of problem related to the software. We have developed an  helpdesk with a website dedicated to our clients.


We provide you with the necessary training to use at best all the features of the applications. We often organize training events also aimed to our clients.

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