People first

The consultancy world is often associated with the concept of body rental, a market in which companies “sell” depersonalized resources, as if they were goods without name but only with a set of competences and experiences to be sold by weight.

In this kind of market, the consultant often has never had a relationship with the company that hires him/her, receiving only the salary at the end of the month and working always in the client’s office. Moreover, the client must deal with a lot of intermediate steps that contributes to the funding of companies that add no value neither to consultant nor to client.

For this reason, after years of experience in the sector, we have decided to follow a different approach in our ICT consultancy services. 

Our approach is summarize in three simple principles:


People are the company. The company is made of people.

We want anyone who works with us to feel they belong to the company and to know that they are in a context in which he/her is an integral and fundamental part.

We don’t sell resources; we offer competences.                       

This is why all the people who work with us, from the most expert to the youngest, follow a continuous training path. In addiction to tutoring and training on the job processes, training courses are an integral part of SayDigital. Every year we organize courses on new technologies, soft skills and methodological approaches that often lead to certifications. 

Training enriches the competences, and certifications enrich the curriculum: our goal is to have professionals highly required on the consultancy market. In this way we are obliged to always find new ways to keep them with us.

These are just some of the certifications hold by our team

1 PMP®
1 COBIT5® Foundation
6 OCA®
3 OCP®
2 ACP®
1 PRINCE2® Practitioner
1 AWS SysOps Administrator  

It is true that if a trained person goes away it is a lost investment, but we are interested in knowing what happens if he/her stays!


The client is not a cash cow. 

The client represents a company, and a company is made of people. For this reason, we believe it is essential to offer each of our clients various additional services. 

We organize seminars, workshops and we involve client’s collaborators in continuous training opportunities.

We learn continuously and a lot, and we want to share this knowledge.


From a long time we decided to give up any business opportunity that involves multiple companies and intermediate steps that apply a pure body rental process.

We don’t agree with it and we don’t have an interest in it.

We believe that every actor should bring value in a healthy market and we can’t understand where the value is in the simply resale of resources. 

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