Rapsodoo was born from the decennial experience of the founders and collaborators who immediately decided to join this project. It holds the experience and the professional growth that had led them to establish themselves more and more in the world of consultancy and software development. At present, our main activity is the implementation, for small and medium-sized enterprises, of the Odoo Management System.

Rapsodoo continues to consider training of primary importance and supports the growth of its team, stakeholders and clients, by promoting and organizing IT training courses and more.

Since 2015 we are Odoo Partner, a Management System with great potential thanks to its ease of use and the integration that allows you to manage your company with a single platform.

Every company, every person, every context has a different need... and we are here to satisfy it!

infosons chi siamo - Gerd Altmann Pixabay

our values

team work

Creating a synergy between all the involved figures in company processes it is not only necessary, ma fundamental. Our main goal is to create an effective workflow that allows to achieve results with the satisfaction of everyone: employees, suppliers and clients.

The person at the center

Not only courtesy and kindness towards the client to meet his/her needs, but also attention to the professional growth of our team. An happy worker is forever. An happy client, too.


We are rooted in the territory and we want to contribute to the growth of our city and country with innovative tools that help the development of the company and their first steps in the Digital Revolution. We are also very sensitive to environmental issue and we promote various initiatives to reduce our impact.