We are a company of young professionals and IT enthusiasts!
We have more than 12 years of experience and our focus is to help companies enter the Digital Transformation world!

We are young and creative. We are professional, but with a bit of madness.
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The Management System for you

implementazione odoo

Many companies have turned to us to manage their activities thanks to the gestionale ODOO. Our job is to help you implement Odoo to optimize your company processes. In the APP section you will find the description of the Odoo applications. In the Pacchetti di Successo section you will find examples of implementations realized for our clients.

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Velocity and Courtesy


We want to relieve you from any worries about the software. For this reason, we have created an accurate and easy to use helpdesk that is always improving. 

You will talk only with us: every doubt, need or problem will be managed quickly and with full transparency, always with a smile!

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Ready for any request


Say Digital believes that cannot be any ICT competences without study and preparation. Our team follow a continuous training plan with certification exams in many different technologies and methodologies. There are dozens of certifications held by our consultants and even more are the courses taken each year.

We never stop learning!

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Un Bisogno, una APP

Odoo is a management system that covers company processes.

For each scope, you will surely find the App that will help you to optimize and keep your company under control.

This section includes a description of the main Odoo Apps to find out what you can do thanks to their functionalities. Moreover, you can download the White Papers, very useful App guidelines.

Odoo • Testo e immagine
Odoo • Immagine e testo

Want to know all the Odoo functionalities?

Are you curious to know what you can do with Odoo?

Download the White Paper that lists all the last version Odoo functionalities!

Pacchetti di Successo

Find out how companies like yours have successfully integrated the Odoo apps thanks to our products.

If you didn't find a case similar to yours, don't worry! We are always looking for innovative projects,

Odoo • Testo e immagine

Preventivo a Portata di Click

Ok, but how much does it cost?
To help you from the beginning, we created a simple questionnaire to understand which Apps you might need and give you an idea of the price. You will receive from us an email with an estimation of the costs. Will not contact you further by email or by phone if you do not wish to.

Odoo • Testo e immagine


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