Manage Production Steps with Odoo:
A Complete Guide to Using the MRP Module

In the manufacturing sector, the correct configuration of production steps and effective waste management are key to improving overall production efficiency. Investing time and energy in these steps will help reduce costs, improve product quality, and ensure customer satisfaction. The constant search for improvements and the adoption of innovative technologies will be key to remaining competitive in the modern industrial landscape.

With the help of Odoo, an integrated business management system (ERP), it is possible to maximize the efficiency of all steps of the production and product assembly process. In this article, we will explore how to best use Odoo's Material Resource Planning (MRP) module to optimize these aspects and to improve overall production efficiency.

Creating work orders
Odoo allows you to create work orders to manage the production process. Through an intuitive interface, you can specify the details of each step, including materials needed, production times, and resources involved.

Definition of Material Lists (BOMs)
The creation of Material Lists in Odoo facilitates the configuration of production steps. Within Odoo's MRP module, you can easily customize BOMs, which allow you to list all the components you need, making it easy to plan and allocate resources.

Management of Work Phases
Odoo allows you to organize the work steps in a clear and sequential way. The platform supports the definition of production steps, helping to maintain an efficient and well-structured workflow.

Waste management with Odoo

Quality Control Module:
Using Odoo's quality control module, you can implement inspection procedures to monitor quality during production. This helps identify potential problems before they turn into waste.

Product Traceability:
Odoo offers advanced traceability capabilities, allowing you to keep track of each batch of product. This makes it easier to identify the causes of rejects and improves the ability to respond promptly to quality issues.

Recording Rejection Reasons:
Using Odoo's inventory and production modules, you can record the causes of scraps in detail. This data is useful for analyzing trends, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing corrective actions.

Integration with Other Odoo Modules:

Inventory Management:
Integration with Odoo's inventory module allows you to maintain precise control over stocks of raw materials and finished products, avoiding excesses or shortages.

Production Planning:
Odoo's production planning module helps optimize resources, improving work order scheduling and reducing downtime.

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